About me

(Nasim Shamlou-Juhola)


I started Artium as an outlet for my creativity and to support my dreams. Powered by Passion and MuscleArt are going to be visible on many of the items.

The beginning of my fitness journey

My parents used to hike through the mountains and would take me with them, so I was exposed to physical activities at a very young age. I've been competitive since childhood. I competed mostly against boys because girls gave up or weren't interested.

I started figure skating and dancing and moved on to running, rowing, and swimming as mostly seasonal hobbies. My more serious hobbies are dancing and martial arts. I still dance. I've gone to the gym for more than 10 years but never thought of it as a hobby. It always had a supporting role in my life.

Training at the gym was meant to support my other hobbies, so I never paid much attention to it. In 2008, I went to the military for a year and during our free time I went to the gym while most others went to the canteen for fresh donuts. That's when I started loving the gym. It was a place of meditation for me. I felt refreshed and it gave me a sense of accomplishment because I could focus entirely on what I was doing there. When others noticed that I went to the gym instead of eating donuts, it encouraged me even more.

It was at that very gym that the man I would later marry spotted me and made it his goal to get my attention. It took some time but in the end he prevailed. He was a powerlifter, so he was massive, looked mean, and wasn't someone I would usually chat with.

From the time my husband and I got together after my military service in 2009, we became gym buddies and took bodybuilding seriously. We got on a competition diet and training program with the intent to get rid of the baby fat and get into muscular shape. Our coach was one of Finland's few professional bodybuilders at that time. He gave us valuable information on general nutrition and training to build muscle. It was like being in the first grade and learning the ABCs of bodybuilding.

My passion for fitness

I love fitness because it gives me confidence. I can see and feel the results. I gained a tremendous amount of information on the human body and its needs. Apart from understanding the physical aspects of the body, this fitness lifestyle suits my husband and I perfectly. The psychological aspects keep me motivated and hungry for more. I'm a systematic person and love the lifestyle.

My motivators

My husband motivates me. He gives me feedback, helps in any way he can, pushes me to my limits, helps me overcome obstacles, and is very uncompromising, which works great for us.

Another person who motivates me is myself. No matter how many people around me try to push me to my limits for me to improve, the work must be done by me.

My inspiration

Usually the mirror works just fine. If the mirror doesn't push me forward then I go outside and watch the many people who abuse their health. I like seeing photos and videos of people who compete in the same competitions I would like to. I've come a long way. If I stop now I'd be throwing away time I could use to build the physique I want.

When it comes to art in other forms I get inspired by emotions, moments that strike a chord and changes I see around me in life.

Future plans

I want to compete, but not for the sake of competing. I want to place well. I also want to be strong, so I participate in small-scale powerlifting competitions to fuel my motivation and inspiration. I try to maintain my flexibility as well.

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